Prepapring Your Child for Montessori Preschool

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Every parent wants their child to succeed. One way to help them to succeed is to help them be as prepared as possible when they start school. There are many different approaches to preparing your child for school. A great time to begin these preparations is when they are 24 to 36 months, as many kids begin preschool at age three or four. Continue reading to learn about the four areas you should focus on at home to prepare your child for Montessori preschool in St. Louis.



The first step to helping your child prepare for preschool is to set up an environment for them that encourages independence. Create a safe space where your child can accomplish things on his or her own. For example, in the bedroom, make sure the bed is low enough that the child can get on and off without help and won’t be afraid of falling. This is also a great age to teach them how to clean up their toys and keep things organized. Also give your child the opportunity to make choices (e.g., choosing an outfit for the day).



It is also important that your child have toys that will encourage his or her development. The obvious must-have at this age are books. Make sure the books aren’t too long and are relevant to your child’s everyday life. 


Practical Life

It is also important for children this age to learn practical life skills. Let your child help you with simple tasks such as sweeping, dusting, or putting dishes away. This is also the time to learn how to care for themselves by learning to brush their own teeth and put their clothes and shoes on. Also teach them to wash their hands, care for their environment, and learn basic food preparation (e.g., peeling vegetables, buttering toast, washing fruit, etc.).



The final area you’ll want to focus on when helping prepare your child for Montessori preschool in St. Louis is their language. Language explosion starts around age two when a child begins speaking in sentences and expanding their vocabulary. Be a good language model and refrain from correcting, but rather use the word correctly in your response.

Challenging But Beautiful Golf Courses

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One of the greatest feelings one can experience is enjoying a beautiful day out on the golf course. There is something about golf that brings serenity to life and a smile to the faces of those who play. Golf courses in Farmington NM offer some of the best views and challenging holes that any golfer will face. For those who play golf recreationally and that enjoy easier courses, there are plenty of beginner courses that will still be challenging yet allow for an enjoyable time. Although golf is a challenging sport, there are many areas throughout the country that teach the proper technique and fundamentals of the game to help others enjoy the great game of golf.

Driving Range

Similar to other sports, golf requires proper technique that, once mastered, will improve one’s golf game. A great way to improve Continue reading

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Visit Like a Celebrity: Use Valet Parking Services

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parkingLos Angeles is one of the coolest cities in the country. The glitz and glamour, the excellent shopping, all make for a fascinating locale for your next vacation. Hollywood is especially fun to visit; you can pretend you’re a celebrity, using valet parking services in Los Angeles and Hollywood, or play tourist and visit all the top Hollywood historical sites. Here’s a short list of a few places you should definitely see when staying in the City of Angels.

Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica Pier is a big pier that extends out into the ocean. There is an amusement park that is built at the end and carnival games too. The pier is great place to spend a day. Hang out at the beach sunbathing or splashing in the waves and then head to the pier and walk along it, taking in the scenery. Make sure you make it to the end of the pier before sunset because watching the sun disappear behind the ocean is a beautiful site. Continue reading

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Camping and Kayaking Could Not Be a Better Combination of Fun and Relaxation

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campingYou are going camping in Baton Rouge and you have decided to kayak around the lake you will be camping by.  The camping area is quite a distance from your home and so you will need a system to be able to transport the kayaks on your vehicle safely. You have room for all the camping gear inside your vehicle but the kayaks will have to go on top.  This will be your first camping trip with your own kayaks and you are really excited.

Which Kayaks

When you went to the store to buy the kayaks that you had been looking at online the salesman spent quite a while with you talking about kayaks.  There are kayaks that fold up, kayaks that inflate and kayaks that are rigid.  Continue reading

Experience the Chinese Culture with the Help of a Visa Agency

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China visa agency

China visa agencyThe world has so many amazing and breathtaking sights to see from the tumultuous Niagra Falls to the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt to the majestic Eiffel Tower. One of the most iconic places in the world to visit is the Great Wall of China. The 5,000 mile wall stretches through the Northern part of China and many tourists make the trek to visit this architectural marvel every day.

There are other reasons to visit this great country besides sight seeing; there are great work opportunities to be had as well as great universities and other study opportunities. For any outsider wanting to come into the country for tourist, work, or student reasons, they must first obtain all necessary documents; this documentation process is best done through a reputable China visa agency to ensure proper compliance. Continue reading